Jiesilu and Malaysia Smart Association signed a contract to cooperate, which will bring profound technical support to Jiesilu’s advertising device AdBox in terms of application computing platform, Internet of Things equipment, and huge professional channels and partner networks.
Through the alliance with Malaysian Intelligence Association, jiesilu will obtain more R&D resources and expand its sales geographical scope. Jiesilu will also be able to use the technology of the malaysian intelligence association, especially in the field of artificial intelligence technology.
Jiesilu‘s advertising device solutions (such as AdBox digital signage player signage, AdServerAdScreen, etc.) enable companies to make rapid progress in adopting the Internet of Things, while ensuring that they can customize jiesilu end-to-end products in some way, which will make their business goals become reality.
Close cooperation with the Malaysian Intelligence Association will further promote the use of these technologies and enable enterprises to achieve the results they want. Jiesilu has deployed its advertising solutions to more than 60 countries, from retail stores to listed organizations. Some use cases include supermarkets, banks, fashion retailers, governments, game venues, and public transportation.
By integrating global advertising resources and channels, jiesilu and malaysian smart society will be able to use their exciting advertising solutions to enhance their business and gain competitive advantage.

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