Sitting at home can put product information on outdoor screens around the world. Whether you are a corporate advertiser or an individual; Whether you want to publish it on the screen of a big city or a small restaurant. This is the outdoor screen interconnection in the Internet of Things era, and this era has come! “This is the Internet of Things Media, which connects numerous scattered outdoor screens for digital upgrading. What jiesilu does is this Internet of Things Media platform.
Jiesilu: let there be no difficult outdoor advertisement in the world
jiesilu has 1.4 million AdBox launch devices around the world. This data changes every day and every week. “What is the concept of 1.4 million AdBox launch devices?” Jiesilu’s goal is to increase 1.4 million AdBox launching devices to 5 million in the next three years, because AdBox launching devices can not only connect to traditional outdoor screens for advertising, but also can advertise on all display devices such as TV, projectors, computer monitors, and use AdBox to turn idle display devices into profitable advertising screens. Although there are millions of screens connected to AdBox, But unlike traditional outdoor media, it does not need thousands of employees to manage. The secret to this is to make the outdoor screen Internet and save manpower to the greatest extent.
If a large number of outdoor screens are widely distributed around the world in traditional ways, advertising will require considerable manpower. “But the screen connected with AdBox only operates the mobile phone and releases it with one click, and it is very accurate. The screen on which it is played and how many times it is played are accurate.” “Let there be no difficult outdoor advertising in the world!” This is the concept of jiesilu, which has finally developed AdBox into an Internet of Things platform.
5G has arrived, and the application of the Internet of Things naturally comes along. The commercial value of Internet of Things in jiesilu is applied in four aspects: the first is the connection layer, which connects things; The second is the perception layer, which enables objects to perceive and obtain perceptual data through sensors; Third, the management layer uses a platform to manage the objects in the access platform; The fourth is the application layer, which is to develop specific applications on the Internet of Things platform. AdBox is the Internet of Things management platform for various outdoor screens. For AdBox to become an independent application dedicated to managing outdoor media in the future, jiesilu will constantly optimize and iterate the AdBox system and equipment. Every day, there will be new problem feedback, and often small optimization and upgrading. Countless optimization iterations have made the user experience of AdBox better and better. “With the in-depth development of 5G applications, there will be more and more screens, and more and more AdBox devices need to be used. For Jiesilu,” the world is “screen”, and we are “screen”. ”
Jiesilu is lucky. Four years after the company was founded, 5G and the Internet of Things came. “A business model often depends on a technology, which means that production relations depend on productivity. Jiesilu believes that without new technology of the Internet of Things and online connection of extensive outdoor screens, the current AdBox is difficult to develop and grow. The current situation is that 5G is coming, and the Internet of Things is coming.
The advent of the Internet of Things can not only make more outdoor screens online, but also produce more online outdoor screens. The Internet of Everything needs a screen as the interface between people and things. The smart car will also be a large computer with a huge screen that you can sit in. In the future, all kinds of intelligent objects will have screens, which are the use scenarios of AdBox. The arrival of the Internet of Things has accelerated the development of jiesilu. I am lucky to catch the train of the era of the Internet of Things, which is just accelerating. Fortunately, outdoor screen advertising may be just right at the head of the Internet of Things train. Although the Internet of Things is accelerating, not all fields are developing equally, but some are first, some are later, some are fast, and some are slow. “As it happens, outdoor screen advertising is the easiest area for the Internet of Things industry to obtain value. If you do other Internet of Things, you may not be able to make money immediately, but the outdoor screen advertising is different, and you are in the wind of Internet of Things+advertising.” Jiesilu is lucky to enter the internet of things through outdoor screen advertising.
The dream of Hong Kong Jiesilu Company is to make AdBox where there is a screen. Jiesilu will use the AdBox system to manage all screens, enable offline media with technology, serve the upstream and downstream of the industry, help the industry to improve operational efficiency and resource utilization, and tap greater value of offline media through connection.
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