Jiesilu, a digital signage solution service provider, published AdServer, an advertising content management server, which provides a cost-effective and more flexible choice for AdBox multifunctional digital signage advertising equipment.

AdServer not only allows users more freedom in hardware selection, but also provides more functional flexibility and price advantages in establishing system architecture, software and hardware installation, and cost considerations. Users can choose the AdBox multi-functional digital sign advertising device according to their own network environment to install AdServer, and tailor the most suitable system architecture.

This time, AdServer is an extension of management scale. Through AdServer, users can purchase corresponding authorization quantity certificates according to the number of AdBox digital sign advertising devices in the architecture. AdServer certificates can manage the AdBox digital sign advertising devices required by large-scale projects from 10 to 1000, and can increase the number of players managed by certificates at any time without installing additional hardware. For preliminary project planning, For projects with potential expansion, there is a lot of flexibility and space.

With AdServer, marketers can use exposure data from their AdServer activities to locate and purchase media on other channels, including online display and video, mobile display and video, online TV, streaming audio, and direct mail. After selecting the inventory, AdServer will provide you with a variety of ways to visualize your outdoor purchases. Quickly add points of interest and heat maps to ensure that your activity is targeted at your ideal location and audience.

AdServer highlights the importance of central management with the most economical solution. It provides more favorable choices for customers in terms of the management and stability of the digital signage outdoor advertising management system architecture and the flexibility of the program planning.

For more information about AdServer Digital Signage Advertising Content Management Server, please visit the jiesilu website https://jiesilu.net/